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Turning dreams into reality with The 101 Club

Creating a life that you leap out of bed to live.

Written by High Life North
Published 22.03.2023

By Charlie Grabham

If you haven’t heard of the The 101 Club yet, this is a place where you can share your dreams and turn them into reality.

Head over to The 101 Club website to find out more and sign up to our weekly newsletter.

This will be my last feature about writing The 101 Club list. From next month, I will be reporting on all the ‘doing’ the community has been doing (and we have been doing)!

If you are thinking of ‘doing’ your list but are still not sure, or you’ve done your list and think ‘what now?’- then this one is for you.

‘Everything starts with one idea’- Earl Nightingale

When Laura and I started this project it was just an idea- a dream. But very quickly we understood that it had to become a reality.

When I started researching achieving goals- interestingly there were tiny nuances between what the world’s greatest thinkers and the world’s highest achievers suggested. The most interesting was that goal setting for achievers was much more about setting a vision and surrounding yourself with positive influences- which is part of our vision for The 101 Club.

The framework for realising an ambition goes something like this:

  1. Have a clear vision- and visualise success
  2. Set clear and specific goals- break down big goals into smaller ones
  3. Take action
  4. Surround yourself with positive influences to keep you motivated
  5. Learn from failure & practice resilience
  6. Constantly learn and improve

#1 Setting a clear vision

Back in 2020, I made vision book (I am not one for vision boards – I prefer words). At the time I had had to leave Amsterdam amidst covid, my Dad died of cancer, I was renting a spare room and I could barely make ends meet. So, I wrote down my ideal life.

I opened it up a few weeks back and read the vision page:

“I am creating something that brings joy and positivity to people. I am helping as many people as possible to live their dreams.”

Until 1st January this year, I had no idea that this project would even exist. But I had set my vision and when an opportunity presented itself and it felt right, I knew I had to make it a reality.

Setting your vision

Everyone who has sent us a list has said the same thing, that the process of writing the list has made them more focused on what they want out of life than ever before.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a grand vision, perhaps writing the list will help you with that, or perhaps something on the list will spark that within you. Maybe you’re already living your best life and you just want to have more fun. Whatever it is- what you focus on grows.


#2 Set clear and specific goals- break down big goals into smaller ones

The 101 List is your list of goals. The next phase is just to break them down into things you need to do to reach them.

What tools do you need to get to where you need to go? How long will that take you? How much time do you have to commit to it?

#3 Take action

An idea without action is useless – Helen Keller

Our community is all about matching people up so that they can support each other to take action. If you need a buddy for an adventure, The 101 Club community can help.

We will be staying accountable to you with our monthly feature and weekly newsletter- with monthly shout- outs about your progress and inspiration from guests via our podcast.

Plus, we are going to start meet ups- think speed dating with your lists to find your best buddy! To find out more, sign up to our newsletter for updates.

And remember, we can only help you realise your dreams if we know that they are! So get scribbling and email your lists to [email protected]

#4 Surround yourself with positive influences to keep you motivated

One of our community sent me this picture below about Flamingos.









Our flock is all about finding like-minded people. We are the dreamers, the adventurers and the people who will lift each other up. If you’re on the fence about sending in a list, take that leap of faith- our community is here to support each other and have fun along the way!


#5 Learn from failure & practice resilience

We have promised our community two things: we will respect everyone’s dreams and we will share the tough times. We are going to have ups and downs along the way- but we will share so that you know you’re not alone.

#6 Constantly learn and improve

If any of you have listened to our podcast, then you will know we have a lot to learn! But this is a journey for us too, we will improve as we go – and then we can look back and see how far we have come.

So what is our vision for The 101 Club?

“Our vision is to create the most positive, inclusive and supportive community in the world, using our collective networks to help people realise as many dreams as possible.”

That’s our vision, let’s make it a reality.



Download your list and start planning

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