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Don’t miss these brand new TV shows

Yep, Tiger King and Selling Sunset are back!

Written by Chris Kingston
Published 27.11.2021

A magical epic, an explosive look behind the glamour of LA’s property market, and the return of the Tiger King

… here are the new TV shows you don’t want to miss.

Tiger King


Did we all get obsessed with Tiger King because of how good this wonderfully wacky documentary series was? Or did we all get obsessed with Tiger King because we were trapped inside our homes due to lockdown?! We’ll find out soon enough, as the second season has now officially landed.

If you missed the first season (where were you?) then let us give you a quick update: Tiger King centres on outlandish zookeeper Joe Exotic, whose amateur big cat enclosures become the target of animal rights activist Carole Baskin, (quite the character herself). Filmmakers Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin tell the story of their epic feud, which ends with one of them being thrown in jail…

We already know this new season is bound to stir up more controversy as it continues this fascinatingly bizarre story. Don’t miss it.

Wheel Of Time

Amazon Prime 

If you like your epic fantasy adaptations like Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, then you’re probably going to love this.

Moiraine (played by Rosamund Pike of Gone Girl fame) is a magician and member of the Aes Sedai. This mystical organisation vow to take a group of young people on an epic journey around the world in order to unveil one of them as the reincarnation of The Dragon reborn, a creature who is destined to either save the world or destroy it.

Based on the Robert Jordan novels of the same name, this six-part fantasy series is surely Amazon Prime’s biggest and most ambitious series yet.

Selling Sunset


Need a reality TV hit now more than ever? I’m A Celeb not doing the business for you? Get ready for the new season of Selling Sunset.

Yep, the glam ladies are back to compete in the cutthroat LA real estate market. Cue big mind-blowing mansions, new romances and explosive truths that will change their relationships and careers forever. And it’s all kicked off this weekend…

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